Uganda has a large number of single mothers without any form of support. Most of the fathers left them, their families can not take care of their maintenance and there is no support from the government. We want to support these women through start-up capitals, so that they can build their own business. By winning, they can sustainably develop a secure livelihood for their families.
20% of their start-up capital pays back every woman as a share of the local costs (training, wages, etc.) during the repayment period. The offer is currently aimed at single mothers in northern Uganda.
A local employee gives interested women training on relevant business topics such as business / family relationship, marketing, procurement, costing, accounting, inventory management or personnel and financial planning. Subsequently, this helps in the completion of the business plan, which records the business idea, effort, risks, repayment period, expected earnings and character cornerstones. Subsequently, the business plan is evaluated and approved or rejected by volunteers in Uganda and Germany. If the start-up capital is released, the businesswomen will receive regular coaching by the resident employee during the repayment period. Successful projects may receive a second loan to expand business.

Current projects:
Apiyo, Prossy, 30 years, Gulu / Uganda: Prossy is a single mother of two children. Her parents were killed by the LRA and the father of her two children left her. Through our new start-up program, she was able to open a small clothing store. She can now independently provide for the livelihood of her family.