October – December 2017 – West Nile/Uganda 

Discipleship at the washing bay: In the first few days of our stay in Uganda I took our car to a “washing bay”  to get rid of the pervasive mud and dust. During cleaning I shared the gospel to the young man who was working on the car. He listened attentively and quickly there were more workers on the spot. One of them was very open to my message and it turned out that he is the boss of the small business. He asked me to come back and share the gospel to the other workers as well. This resulted in weekly meetings in the “washing bay”, where we study the Bible, have worship and pray for each other. One of the boys had problems with his leg and therefore used a crutch. After praying for healing, he can now wash cars again without crutches. In addition, the boss has invited me to his home. There his wife and some neighbors also took a decision for Jesus. Someone from our church (Antioch Church) has started a new discipleship group there, too. God is good!

Gospel campaign and discipleship training Pakwinyo: In November I went for a few days on a gospel campaign and leaders seminar together with a team from Antioch church in Gulu. They taught on discipleship and around 100 pastors and leaders from the region participated. This training is about implementing discipleship as Jesus taught us to do it. The primary goal is not to produce the largest church, but to train new believers to become mature leaders so that they bring forth other mature leaders. The evening events were also well attended. Usually we start at 5 pm with various programs, praise and worship. As soon as it gets dark (around 7 pm), we show the Jesus movie in local language. When we turn on the light to preach, I’m always amazed how many people have gathered. On the last evening there were about 1000 visitors! Many attendants invited Jesus into their live and were touched by God during healing and deliverance prayer. A young Muslim woman who had problems in her right leg was healed. After witnessing on stage, she invited Jesus into her life. The next day she came to church and is still updating me via cellphone. Another young woman was demonized and manifested very strongly in prayer. A group of pastors prayed until late at night until she was set free. It is always amazing for me to see how God confirms His Word with signs and wonders. All glory to Him!

Gospel campaign and discipleship training Palam: About 60 leaders and pastors attended the discipleship training in Palam. Many of them also participated in the last training in Pakwinyo and reported how they put into practice what they had learned. They testified that people in their environment took a decision for Jesus and got healed. At the evening events we had some decisions for Jesus and many visitors were touched by the Holy Spirit. Thank you Jesus! We could also check out our new (used) sound system and are very enthusiastic about the volume. Thank you to all the sponsors!

New years eve Koboko: On new years eve I was invited to preach at an Open-Air event in Koboko/West Nile and just as the New Year started people invited Jesus in their life. On New Years Morning I preached in a church and 10 attendants received healing after they prayed for each other. One man had severe pain in the shoulder and couldn’t find it anymore. Thank you Jesus!
Lakwat Maber Conference in Got Apwoyo/Uganda: Beginning of January we held a conference for the churches we planted during the last years (Lakwat Maber = good shepherd). During the first two days we had a very intense time with the Holy Spirit. Many, especially young women, experienced deliverance. One of them, who had just recently invited Jesus into her life, was set free at the conference. On Monday she returned to her village completely changed. After the neighbors saw the change in her, they now want to know more about Jesus. One of our pastors will do a follow up in the next days. Book of acts LIVE – Thank you Jesus! On Sunday we taught about the topic of family, which is a very important topic in the local culture.

Purchase of land for the Bible School in Pakwach: Since 2015, we support the ILEM Bible School in Pakwach. The school takes place three times a year in a church in Pakwach, Uganda. Since this is not a long-term solution due to various circumstances, we bought a plot in December 2017. Over the next few years, we want to build a training center for leaders and pastors from rural areas. The plot is 3200 m² and is strategically located – in a catchment area for pastors and leaders from Northern Uganda, Congo (DRC) and South Sudan. As you can see in the pictures, we have already started to build the gateway and to clear parts of the land. Soon we want to lay the foundation and see how far we can get with the construction with our current budget. We want to progress as far as possible while we are still here in Uganda. If its on your heart to support this project, you can donate to our association with the note “Bible School Uganda”.

Thank you so much for your precious help and support. You are great! Let us push on for his kingdom in 2018.



June 2016 – West Nile/Uganda 

Gospel campaign in Paidha, Uganda: Paidha is a city in northwest Uganda and is directly on the border to Congo. From June 9-11 we held an event in the city center that around 2500 people attended. Around 300 people made the decision to follow Jesus, and after praying for the sick, around 40 people came to the stage to share how they had been healed from various issues. It was a very moving experience for me personally. As an evangelist, I am, of course, always happy about lots of decisions to follow Christ, but what really impressed me this time was the earnestness of the decisions: people came running to the stage and were ready to invite Jesus into their hearts. Some of them were crying, or on their knees. I was amazed that God touched their hearts so deeply. During the prayer for the sick, a muslim lady also came with her baby (Picture on the middle right): On the first evening, she herself was healed from terrible headaches. On the second day, she asked for prayer for her sick baby, and Jesus’ healing power came into play again – God is so good! Afterward, she gave her life to Christ. When she shared this news at home, she was thrown out by her own family, which, unfortunately, happens often when muslims give their lives to Jesus. However, she was able to sleep at the Pentecostal church from then on, and was accepted warmly. During the day on Friday and Saturday, pastors and believers from various denominations came together to a conference in order to hear God’s Word and be filled anew with the Holy Spirit. It was also a very intensive time in the presence of God. Especially the young people were touched by the Holy Spirit, some for the first time.

Leadership Training in Umulu Mee, Congo: In the end we held a leadership training event near Mahagi in Congo for pastors and believers from different denominations. Not even extremely corrupt officials, downpours of rain and a height difference of 1800 meters on really, really terrible streets could keep us from our goal. I taught on topics like biblical character, healing, evangelism and baptism in the holy spirit. God worked visibly and many of those present were deeply touched by the Holy Spirit. As we were praying for healing for each other, five participants were completely healed and twenty experienced a significant improvement.

Seminar @ Bible School ILEM, Pakwach: During the last few days of our trip, I taught several pastors and leaders of the ILEM Bible School in Pakwach about the subject of gifts in the New Testament. Our organization is a financial supporter of their work. The ILEM’s vision is to make theological training possible for pastors from rural areas who do not have enough resources. Three times per year, a block seminar takes place there for three weeks each time. God is so good and faithful! I am very touched and grateful for that Jesus did during those days.


March 2016 – Mindoro/Philippines

In the beginning of April I and Paul Rapley (www.paulrapley.com) and a team from the USA had the privilege to support the work of Jill Boyonas and CMC (www.4cmcinternational.org) in the Philippines. It was wonderful for me to see how much both leaders have multiplication on their hearts and therefore constantly send others out to evangelize and heal. The whole team (consisting of twelve people) was involved in the outreaches and was able to preach, teach and pray for healing. We had seven days full of preaching in schools and churches and outreach events in the evenings. All in all, around 5,000 people made the decision to follow Christ and God worked through the team to heal more than 1,000 people (see story below). It was really overwhelming to see how Jesus follows through on His promises. I learned many new things on this trip and am exciting to bring it to fruition in our work as well.

Healing from night blindness: A young man was led by his mother to the stage at one of the evening events, because he suffered from night blindness. After I prayed repeatedly for him, he began crying and hugged his mother. Astounded, I asked him was what going on. He looked at me with open eyes and said, “I’ve been healed and can see fully again.” I was moved to tears, since, to be honest, I could hardly believe it! I’ve often experienced that people are healed from something small, but never something so serious.

Healing from cataracts: An older lady (see picture below) had a visible milky layer in the lense of her eyes (cataracts). Because of it, she could see only very poorly. After our prayer, we were amazed to discover that her eyes were clear and she could see properly again! The other team members reported about tumors that shrank, deaf ears that were opened and many other wonders that Jesus performed. I am really overwhelmed from our experiences – to God be all the glory! He worked then and works now through His followers.

The organization CMC Philippines and the local churches work together to provide ongoing support for the people who make the decision to follow Jesus. This happens mostly through new church plants. Their vision is that someday, every Filipino would have a church within walking distance.


Januar 2015 – West Nile Region/Uganda

We look back on five powerful weeks in Uganda in January 2015 and we are so grateful for what God has done through our ministry. Beside different opportunities to preach and minister to churches we had two bigger evangelistic outreaches lasting several days accompanied by leadership training. Many people came for the outreaches, between 300 and 800 a day, to listen to the worship music, watch the Jesus movie in their local language, hear the gospel and receive prayer. Altogether, about 300 people gave their lives to Christ, and we saw some healings and a lot of deliverance. For example, one woman testified through the microphone that she was healed from chest and abdominal pain. Our team of pastors prayed for some of the visitors until late at night. Many people in these villages are seriously entrapped in witchcraft and sorcery. Especially young women are often abused in occult rituals. The feedback after the outreaches was amazing. During the days after the outreach we had radio announcements to encourage people who got saved to go to church. The pastors from the local churches told us, that many people came to fellowship with them. It is so good to know, that these people will have a spiritual home after the outreaches and after and we are gone.

The leadership training was a big blessing, also. Pastors from different denominations came together (even a priest from the Anglican Church). They were all very thankful for the talks on topics like finances, godly character an personal evangelism.

Two years ago we planted a church in a place called Got Apwoyo in the northwest of Uganda. First we helt the services outside and after some time we built a shelter. Now I’m back and in the meantime a real church building, made of bricks and covered with iron-sheet, has developed. The church was still growing in numbers and people are even coming from a distance (by walking) of 10km to visit the church. Yesterday we dedicated the church and consecrated the new pastor. I’m so happy and grateful for what God has done in this region.



October 2015 – West Nile Region/Uganda

We were with a three-person team in the West Nile region in northwest Uganda. In the beginning, we had to discover that disappointments are also part of our work: unfortunately, we were unable to travel to DRC (Congo) as we had planned. The original information regarding entry did not comply with the regulations at the border. Therefore, it was financially impossible for us to go. However, other doors were opened. I was able to speak to middle schoolers about the topic of God’s calling, and at the end almost all of them made a decision for Jesus. In the evening we had another outreach in a hall that is usually used for viewing soccer games. During the worship, many of the visitors were touched deeply by the presence of God and there were also many decisions for God. Thank you, Jesus! During the second weekend, we were able to offer a three-day gospel campaign and leadership training in the region of Paidha, Uganda. Even though rain interrupted the event on the second day, we were still able to reach hundreds with the Good News on the last evening. 80 people filled out decision cards and therefore made it possible for local pastors to follow up with them. As we prayed at the end of the evening, people experienced liberation and were strongly touched by God’s presence. During the day we were able to teach spiritual leaders about topics like finances, biblical character and everyday evangelism (following the T4T principle from Ying Kai). During the entire trip, we were able to reach about 600 people with the Gospel and about 200 people invited Jesus into their lives. We as a team are grateful for God’s impact during the trip and are grateful to all of you for praying faithfully. We were also able to lay the foundation for a leadership school while we were there. We are working with Vincent Ofungi, a pentecostal bishop from the Pentecostal Assemblies of God. Vincent has it on his heart to train pastors and leaders from remote regions and to help them form a theological foundation. We will begin the first three weeks of leadership school in November.




At the beginning of June I organized a prayer outreach in Lviv and Kharkiv in the Ukraine. There I was also able to serve in a local church, especially through prophesy and preaching. Mid-July, we and the youth from four different Bavarian churches went on a mission trip to Novi Sad/Serbia. In addition to lots of practical “loving our neighbors,” through which we even ended up on Serbian television, we offered lessons on spiritual gifts and the topic of callings.  I was also able to serve in Krivyi Rih/Ukraine at a conference for a few days in October again. The topic was deliverance and inner healing. It’s always amazing to see how people get set free from burdens when they allow themselves to forgive and let the holy spirit work on them. I was also able to learn lots about this topic, especially in regard to dealing with spiritual gifts. In addition to the main conference, I served in two churches through preaching and prophesy. Mid-November I held my first two-day evangelism-seminar in Sofia/Bulgaria. Besides evangelism, we also learned about our identity in Christ and making use of our spiritual gifts, which went along with our main topic. The highlight of the seminar was an outreach on the streets of Sofia. The participants were visibly surprised and excited about how open the people were for the Gospel and how easily (with the help of simple methods) they could start conversations with them. Again, during the trip I was also able to preach in multiple churches. It always brings me great joy when people are filled with the Holy Spirit during personal prayer and receive new passion and enthusiasm. Thank You, Lord!



From late 2012 until mid-2013 I stayed for five months for mission in Uganda. In the first months we brought God’s love in remote villages, around Latoro in the northwest of the country. At our outreaches we showed the Jesus film, made ​​worship, prayed for the sick and preached the gospel. Hundreds took a decision for Jesus at different outreaches. As there was no church in one of the villages we just planted one. So the last months of my stay were filled with church planting in a village called Got Apwoyo. First we held the the church services open air and later we built a “grass-touched” shelter. After three months, we handed the church in to the hand of local leaders and to the  NGO “Nobody to Somebody”. The NGO is continuously supervising and supporting the church and the community.