In recent years there has been the opportunity for me to teach at youth events, leadership trainings, conferences, seminars and workshops in different countries.

The main focus of my teaching is on evangelism including topics such as the content of the gospel, dealing with arguments and disappointment or lifestyle evangelism. In addition, there are workshops on life testimony, power evangelism (prophetic, healing and treasure hunting). Afterwards, the previously learned skills will be put into practice on the streets. To this end, I’ve worked with e: motion over the past few years. E: motion is all about evangelism in southern Bavaria. This concern requires constant motivation, inspiration, creativity and exchange of experience. Here e: motion contributes trough the work.

Another focus of my teaching is the topic of life calling and closely linked to this: spiritual gifts in the New Testament. Besides teaching, this topic is mainly concerned with workshops, where the participants learn a lot about their gifts and skills. The workshops consist of different stations such as spiritual gift test, development of a natural and spiritual CV etc. In the end, the individual results are summarized and a vision created and goals should be set for the future.

The most important foundation for evangelism as well as for the discovery of the gifts is the new identity of the believer in Christ. This topic is particularly dear to my heart, because I believe that the way I think about myself and about God will be reflected in all areas of my succesion of Jesus. I developed a teaching series on the believers identity. I also teach on subjects such as leadership and closely connected to this also the topic about character of the believer.