In 2013 we began outreaches in remote villages around Latoro in the north-west of Uganda. Since there was no church in one of the villages, we held regular open air church services and later under a temporary grass-touched shelter. After a few months of basic work, we officially handed the church “Lakwat Maber” (engl.: the Good Shepherd) over to local elders. The Ugandan NGO “Nobody to somebody” has been supporting the church since then. In the course of time, a real solid building of cement and a kindergarten has developed.

The work has grown over time and today (as of 2016) the community has around 40 adult members plus children. For two years, there has been a permanent pastor who has created more fellowships in the surrounding villages. The NGO “Nobody to somebody” has founded another “Lakwat Maber” church in Gok, some 50 km away. On our travels to Uganda, we continue to support these pastors and leaders through various seminars. In addition, the leaders visit  ILEM Bible school Pakwach, which we also support.